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Project Description

Cold and Hot Water Dispenser



Water Supply 3 & 5 Gal. Bottle
Weight 18.0kg
Cooling System Rated Watts 80 Watts
Cooling By Noiseless Compressor (LG)
Temperature Control By Thermostat
Tank Capacity 3.3 Liter
Heating System Rated Watts 450 Watts
Heating By Sheathed Heater
Temperature Control By Automatic Bimetal + Manual Bimetal
Tank Capacity 2 Liter
Faucet Press / Push / Safety type
Power Supply 220V ~ 240V / 50, 60Hz 100V ~ 127V / 50, 60Hz
Dimension 310mm(W) x 335mm(D) x 980mm(H)
CNTR 20FT = 232 units / 40FT = 474 units
Refrigerant Gas R600a / R134a

Product Features

3 & 5 gallon barrels

The commonly used 3 & 5 gallons worldwide

Stainless SUS 304

More hygienic with outstanding corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and heat resistance

Three-stage safety cork

Three-stage safety method developed for customer


Destroys 99% of bacteria and microbes by UVC LED sterilizer